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It takes more than experienced professionals behind the scenes to keep your fleet running efficiently. You also need accurate, readily accessible data to monitor operations and make informed fleet decisions.

Complete Information at Your Fingertips

Access everything you need for smart fleet management through your Southgate Lease Services Dashboard. View a snapshot of your fleet and click through to vehicle details. Increase efficiency with our comprehensive suite of reports, based on years of industry experience.

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See for yourself how we streamline fleet management.
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Smart Fleet Management reports, including:

  • Current fleet inventory with quick drill-down to specific vehicle information.
  • Suggested vehicle replacement and order dates based on mileage history and manufacturer lead times.
  • New vehicle orders with detailed unit information and delivery status.
  • Sold vehicles with depreciation analysis and benchmarked results based on condition, geography and sale timing.
  • Vehicle maintenance history showing all expenses over the life of the vehicle.
  • Operating cost categorizing and sub-totaling monthly fleet expenses and showing year-over-year comparisons.
  • Lifecycle cost—the bottom line cents per mile for your specific fleet vehicles, with a fixed and variable expense breakdown.
  • Personal use to track driver reporting status of business vs. personal miles.

Ask us about custom reports to meet your specific fleet management needs with options like these:

One-time configuration to display fleet information or review invoice history, saving time for future reports and research.

Custom data fields with the ability to add unique driver or vehicle information.

Custom file attachments with the ability to upload supporting documents such as vehicle picture files.

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