Fleet Management: Maintenance and Repair

Feel confident your fleet is at peak efficiency with 24/7/365 vehicle maintenance and repair. We field the service calls and handle the details, whether it’s a major transmission repair or a basic oil change.

Take advantage of our maintenance program to:

  • Keep vehicles in safe operating condition with scheduled maintenance.
  • Receive pre-negotiated pricing with our nationwide vendor network.
  • Process routine maintenance expenses based on your preapproved dollar amount.
  • Get expert recommendations on large maintenance expenditures based on repair history and projected service life.
  • Benefit from post-warranty goodwill repair concessions we negotiate with manufacturers.
  • Reduce downtime, keeping drivers motivated and productive.
  • Avoid haggling with repair facilities and eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

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Learn how much time and money you can save with our fleet maintenance solutions.
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