Finance Options

Let our fleet leasing specialists help your business determine which type of financing is most suitable to meet your operating and cash flow needs. We can customize our financing options to your specific situation.

Fixed Rate

Choose fixed rate financing for precise budgeting. The interest rate is set for the duration of the lease which eliminates the risk of rising rates. Take advantage of Step-Down or Level-Pay with fixed rate financing:

  • A Step-Down lease averages the interest cost over each 12 month period. The interest portion of the payment decreases as the principal loan balance is paid down.
  • A Level-Pay lease averages the interest cost over the lease duration and maintains the same monthly payment.

Floating Rate

Choose floating rate financing where the rate you pay is indexed to a common lending indicator (such as LIBOR or Commercial Paper) and may change monthly. This strategy works best in a stable or declining interest rate environment.

Purchase and Disposal

Some companies find it beneficial to own their fleet of vehicles. Southgate offers a Purchase and Disposal Program with all of the following benefits:

  • Ease of vehicle procurement leveraging the buying power of Southgate.
  • Receive all fleet/retail incentives or specialty rebates offered.
  • Ensure all vehicles are titled and registered correctly.
  • Track license renewals in multiple states and municipalities.
  • Utilize maintenance management and fuel programs to track variable expenses.
  • Eliminate the hassles of vehicle remarketing and maximize resale value.

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