Leasing Programs

Our fleet and equipment leasing specialists are ready to help your business choose the most cost-effective lease option.

Open-End Equity Lease

Receive all the leasing benefits with a program that mirrors ownership:

  • Lease payments are expensed which reduces tax liability.
  • No fixed term or mileage restrictions.
  • No early termination fee or excess mileage penalty.
  • No initial down payment is required.
  • Fixed or variable rate financing.
  • Designate as operating (off balance sheet) or capital lease
  • Satisfies FASB requirements.

Closed-End Lease

Our closed end lease is an alternative program which provides:

  • Fixed lease term for each company vehicle.
  • Specific mileage allowance for each driver.
  • Level monthly payment for budgeting purposes.
  • Elimination of risk from depreciation and resale value.

Purchase and
Lease Back

Free up working capital by selling your fleet to Southgate and leasing vehicles back:

  • We purchase your company-owned vehicles.
  • You lease them back under a prescribed program.
  • Support better budgeting and meet cash flow objectives.
  • Reduce administrative time in managing your fleet.
  • Boosts liquidity while maintaining cash reserves.

Client-Funded Lease

Arrange financing through your own source of funds:

  • Utilize your company borrowing rates to fund vehicle and equipment purchases.
  • Maintain flexibility by designating your funding source.
  • Receive invoice credit on the interest portion of the lease payment.
  • Benefit from our continued lease services and expertise.

Equipment Financing

Finance industrial and commercial equipment to meet your project demands, seasonal or operational needs. Our experienced decision makers take the time to understand your business and structure a program accordingly.

  • Meet temporary storage and transportation needs.
  • Free up working capital and keep bank credit lines available.
  • Smooth cash flow across seasons and operating cycles.
    • Heavy Duty Trucks
    • Semi-Tractors and Trailers
    • Construction Equipment
    • Landscape Equipment
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Forklifts

Contact Contact

Southgate Lease Services also leases used vehicles and equipment to accommodate our clients. Call or email us now to discuss leasing options for your business.