Leasing fleet vehicles and business equipment offers several advantages over purchasing or reimbursement. As an independent leasing company we are naturally biased in favor of the service we provide. However, when you compare the total cost of a company fleet of leased vehicles to any other program you end up with a superior result for your business and employees. Call or email us today for a complimentary fleet analysis.

Enhance Company Cash Flow

Challenge: Many companies struggle to keep adequate cash reserves.

Solution: With leasing, more cash stays in your company. Additional working capital means higher returns.

How to Dispose a Company Vehicle

Challenge: From preparing the fleet vehicle for sale to handling phone calls from strangers, to arranging test drives, used vehicle sales is time consuming work.

Solution: With one phone call Southgate will handle all aspects of vehicle remarketing.

Optimize Resale Value with Proactive Vehicle Replacement

  • Maximize resale value
  • Eliminate major repairs resulting in costly downtime
  • Minimize maintenance expense

Sales Tax Advantages

  • Business lease payments are an operating expense and 100% tax deductible
  • Minimize sales tax expense: many states allow sales tax to be paid monthly when leasing as opposed to paying the entire amount at the time of purchase.

Flexible Lease End Options

  • Extend current lease
  • Replace with new vehicle
  • Purchase or dispose existing leased vehicle

Additional Leasing Benefits

  1. Expert knowledge and advice with vehicle specification and configuration
  2. Consolidated monthly invoicing for vehicles and related expenses
  3. Life cycle cost monitoring and data analysis improving fleet efficiency
  4. Onetime credit approval process for all vehicle needs
  5. Immediate notification of any manufacturer recalls or bulletins
  6. Facilitate emergency replacement needs with out of stock purchases
  7. Full compliance with registration, titling, taxes and insurance in all fifty states